17 February 2017


Thursday 16 February

We have escaped from the winter dreariness and arrived in The Gambia where it is sunny, warm, yet there is a cooling breeze.
A very good flight over. Through security at Gatwick easily and then a quick direct flight to Banjul. The best sight of the day at Gatwick of a lady with the usual slightly oversized trolley case but clutching a bag of 1,100 Tetley teabags. Clearly there is going to a gigantic tea party somewhere.
We got through baggage reclaim and customs in what must be record time having persuaded a customs official that he didn’t want to unpack our charity baggage boxes that contained sportswear donated by Haslemere Prep School. We were welcomed by our three smiling Gambians, Abdoulie and Yankuba and Wandifa and of course, Pippa. They had just said goodbye to Miriam and Richard who were reluctantly returning to the UK.
On then to the hotel and we were checked-in within an hour of landing at the airport, definitely a record. A beer, unpack then a relaxing dinner at the hotel before retiring early to bed. We are now ready for our first full day which I shall report on later.


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