16 February 2017


Wednesday 15 February - Banking & Banjul

On going out to the minivan I was delighted to see that  Mr Happy from the Atlantic Hotel had come to Sand Beach to bring his son's letter form in person - it was so nice to see him.
Our first stop today was a much needed visit to the bank, as we have managed to get through quite a lot of dalasis during the past few days and were down to our last small pack of scruffy fifties by the end of yesterday.  Back to the hotel as I did not want to travel around with so much cash in the car...
Then to Banjul and Unity Nursery to check on progress there.  They are doing very well but the head teacher has told the contractors to come back and make a better job of the plastering, as she was not happy with how they had prepared the surfaces.  She may only be a small lady but she certainly gets things done how she wants them!  She suggested that we should return next Tuesday or Wednesday to see the "job done properly".
We were then invited to visit one of my very first sponsored students, who is now a junior Inspector in the Gambian Police, having gone into the force on an accelerated promotion scheme.  He is currently working at Police HQ in Banjul and took me and Yankuba up to see his office - we felt very honoured.
Next to Albert Market for more Gift Token items: 47 large mosquito nets,    a cooking pot and two big serving bowls and eight strong buckets (for carrying water in the gardens) were bought there with ethical gift money and this was followed by some garden tools, bought at some of the hardware shops in Kanifing.  The tools bought to date are rakes and some rather fearsome 'cutlasses' for cutting down grasses.  Wandifa et al were going to buy some hoes on their way home through Serrekunda and then all the tools will be grouped with the buckets into sets and given to some ladies' gardening groups.
A couple of visits to students, then back to the hotel.  Not very many forms to sort through today as some had been left at home by mistake, so we will have a double whammy to do tomorrow....
Miriam and Richard's last evening, so we went out to dinner at the very good Lebanese restaurant quite near to the hotel.  Linda came too and we had a very nice meal, enjoyed by all.

Thursday 16 February - Changeover

Today Miriam and Richard departed on the same plane that brought Kathy and Andrew out.  Not much else to report from today... and I am now handing over to Andrew as far as blogging is concerned.  He has a very swish new camera, so you should get some good photos.

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