08 November 2017


Day 2 An admin day

We started the day by sorting through reports for the sponsored children, and identifying those for whom we had not yet received reports.
That took most of the morning. Pippa and I along with Yankuba, Wandifa and Abdoulie then went to Banjul. There were one or two bits and pieces with the paperwork necessary for customs clearance for the container that needed sorting out, and we decided that the speediest way of dealing with this would be to visit the Ministry of Education who are responsible for giving clearance from import duty for educational equipment. 

The bits and pieces were resolved speedily and we had the necessary signed and stamped paperwork, which we took to Banjul Port, gave it to the shipping agent and put in hand the arrangements needed to move the container to St Augustine’s Senior Secondary School, where on Friday, hopefully it will be unloaded ready for the schools who are receiving items from it to collect them.

Tomorrow we will be going to Brikama to visit some schools, some students and to Gambia College to start making arrangements for next February’s microscopy workshops.

I hope that I will be able to take some photos to post on this blog tomorrow!

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