08 February 2018


8th February

Preparing for the microscopy workshops

On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th February we will be delivering our microscopy workshops to student teachers from Gambia College. These will take place at the University of The Gambia which is next door. The workshops will be delivered by Pippa, Kathy, Abdoulie, Wandifa and, we hope, Yankuba for at least part of the time, and me.

We spent the morning at the hotel unpacking the microscopes from their boxes and checking they worked. We were joined by Karamba (the young man referred to in an earlier blog who hopes to become a chef). We recognise that whilst Yankuba is working at the Atlantic Hotel he might not always be available to help deliver workshops, so we think it will be useful to give him some experience. We also put together the kits that go with the microscopes for the students to use.
That done, we went down to the University to unpack and get the laboratory ready. We were pleased to see that the lab had recently been very well decorated.

Once finished we headed back to the hotel, stopping off en route to give out some sponsorship monies. We were delighted to be given presents of three freshly picked grapefruits at one compound; and some oranges at another.

My next blog will cover the two workshops and I hope to have some good photos to show then

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