15 February 2018


15 February - A short day

Quite a short day today, prior to our early start for the North Bank tomorrow.  We visited a couple of schools to check on particular students, gave a pencil case plus associated school materials to a newly sponsored girl and paid out sponsorship to several of the more local families.
Jereh was driving for us again (Abdoulie did not return until late afternoon today) and we were back in the hotel at around 2.30pm.  This meant that, having sorted out some more money with Wandifa, I spent nearly three hours lying very lazily in the shade of a palm tree beside the pool!  Very pleasant, but I would not want to do that every day.... however, once in a while is truly delightful.
I had a very early dinner with Linda at Luigi's and am now just about to go to bed at the amazingly early time of 9.30pm!
Wandifa and Abdoulie are due to arrive at 5am tomorrow, so that we can catch the first ferry - however, as several of you will know, that does not always go according to plan.  Fingers crossed......
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