14 February 2018


13 February - Goodbye Andrew and Kathy

Many thanks to Andrew for his posts bringing us all the news from The Gambia. Pippa has now taken over the reporting role, and hopes to send daily updates by email, which I (Dave) will then post on the blog. Unfortunately, there probably won't be any photos until Pippa gets back.

Pippa writes:
"Andrew and Kathy returned home yesterday - very sad to see them go, we have worked hard but have had a lot of laughs along the way.
On our way to the airport Abdoulie received a phone call telling him that a family brother had just passed away after a long illness, while staying in southern Senegal.  The burial was to be in Senegal later that same day, so Abdoulie set off very soon after we arrived at the airport in order to get there in time.  We had checked with Jereh, our long-standing relief driver, and he was able to come to the airport to collect Wandifa and me.  We waited for the incoming flight to arrive, saw Andrew and Kathy go through immigration, and set off to see some families and pay out sponsorship in the Bakau area.
Wandifa is due to be arriving with Jereh at 9am this morning and we hope to 'do' the southern part of the coastal region today.
I'll try to report on that tomorrow, internet permitting."

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