17 November 2018


Day 10...lazy day!!

VERY lazy day, I have to confess!!  I did a little personal laundry after breakfast and then sat beside Carole by the pool under the shade of an umbrella, reading and chatting, ALL morning!

At around 2.30pm Linda arrived with the four Gambian children who live in her house, followed by the girl who Carole sponsors and then our newly qualified DOCTOR Modou Jeng, who was bringing his little brother, sponsored by Regina and David...  all to play in the hotel pool.  Unlike some of the hotels here, Sand Beach positively welcomes Gambian children, who are friends of its visitors, to come to see them and to use the pool, as long as they are both well behaved and well supervised.

The children all had a wonderful time... it was the first time for a couple of them to try swimming, but they did really well.  Linda had brought four pairs of armbands and a rubber ring and I had managed to find an inflatable beach ball, so great fun was had by all.

Carole and Jarra, first ever swim

Regina giving a swimming lesson

Ebrima, first ever swim

We had great difficulty in getting them out of the water - bribery with chips and a drink proved to work, but even then several of them jumped back in again afterwards!!

Such a lovely afternoon.  The last of them left just before 6pm, looking tired but happy... thank you, Sand Beach, for letting them have such a fantastic time.

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