23 November 2018


Day 16: Thursday, disgracefully lazy day....

Not completely hotel-bound, as Linda and I had decided to pay the bank a visit to find out why the promised internet access email had not materialised.

I took D20,000 with me to pay in, as the bank now requires activity in the account at least every six months.  Good thing I did...having paid it in I returned to the very efficient woman we had seen on our previous visit to see what was the problem.  She was surprised to hear that the email had not arrived...and even more surprised to find that the account had been "redormantised" (her term, I'm not sure if such a word exists but I know what she meant!)

As I told her, the teller had not had any problems with accepting my money into a dormant account!!  She was not happy about the situation and said she would sort it out immediately..so we will wait and see.

Apart from that and a spot of laundry I have been sitting in the shade by the pool for most of the time.  I HAVE got the blog up to date, which makes me feel slightly less guilty... and there has been a lot of activity by the hotel gardeners during the day.  They have been weeding...a rather clover-like plant grows very strongly amongst the grass-like plants in the "lawn" (nothing new there!!) and it is all being firmly removed. 

gardeners at work
before weeding
after weeding

I could do with these gardeners at home!!

The sun has cooled down a lot now and it is quite breezy - very pleasant.  However I am now sufficiently bored to be really looking forward to our day tomorrow - 9.15am start, mustn't be late...

See you then, everybody....

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