26 November 2018


Day 19, Sunday...a bit of a non-day...

Due to a not-very-good night because of a touch of Banjul belly, there was a change of plan for today.

I managed to sort out all the very good clothes that we had been going to distribute to two of our women's groups, but did not think it was a good idea to stray too far from the hotel.

This was reinforced by our guys when they arrived..go back to bed, they said firmly.

So I have stayed here all day while they distributed the clothes themselves.

Yankuba has taken some very cute photos but as yet I have not worked out how to access them from the tablet that I am using to write the blog....

I do have a few photos for you from the hotel...my walk to breakfast... 

Gardens at Sand Beach Hotel
Gardens at Sand Beach Hotel

...with the dining room being at the right hand side of the second photo... and one of the beautiful plants that grow here in the garden.

Plant in garden at Sand Beach

Hopefully all will be back to normal for tomorrow...

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