26 November 2018


Day 20, Monday.... last day!!

Goodness, how the time has flown!

We started off at Yundum Barracks LBS to collect the letters for Jeannette's Worldclass children...all done and neatly packaged up.  The teachers had discussed what would be the best way to spend the £100 donation from Worldclass and had decided on T-shirts. Some had been made for the original club members but numbers have increased dramatically so they need some more. 

handing over money to the headteacher
headteacher writing the reciept

While we were there we discussed a proposed new library and also a Pageant Loan for the school's Mums' Club.

Next, back to the Beecause centre in Lamin.  The local head of the enterprise had now returned from her travels and we had a very encouraging discussion about a possible project, which I hope will have the approval of our kind UK donor. While we were there, Abdoulie and Yankuba disappeared for a few minutes and came back with handfuls of small lemons from trees growing wild in the forest.  

tree laden with fruit

We agreed they would be excellent with the honey on pancakes... mmm, delicious!

Our last visit was to the SBEC international school, not to visit any children (it is one of the most expensive schools in The Gambia, way out of the reach of any of the Pageant students) but to see one of our erstwhile Practical Science Workshop student teachers, who has recently gained a position there and was keen to show us around.  Very impressive buildings and sports facilities...

SBEC International School
SBEC International School
 and it was great to see Musa, so obviously proud to be teaching there.  

 He suggested that a couple of the science teachers there might be able to attend our next workshop, but I pointed out that this would be at the expense of two student teachers from Gambia College, which would probably not be a popular suggestion.  I did say that it might be possible for us to do a morning session at the school, as we have done this at individual schools on a few previous occasions, and the suggestion was received with delight by both Musa and the Principal.

Back to the hotel and from there to Linda's for our customary marathon end-of-trip tallying up, of both the finances and the numbers of children and projects requiring payment before our next visit.

We decided we had earned a last dinner out, so repaired to Luigi's for a yummy pizza...and my last Julbrew of the trip!

I'm looking forward to the next one already....

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