16 November 2018


Day 9, Thursday, back in the Kombo

Today Regina and I were playing postman, delivering letters and gifts from sponsors to 'their' students.  This is not always as easy as it sounds... the visit to one family took nearly an hour, across really terrible terrain and eventually driving down a narrow path through the scrub to end up in their back garden!!  On our way we passed the huge sand and gravel pit from which most of such building materials are taken for the local housing projects.

sand and gravel pit

Sadly, the heavy lorries that remove these materials have done terrible damage to the already poor roads in that area, so we were bouncing around in the minibus as Abdoulie fought to keep it on the track.

However, when we reached our destination, the father of the family was really so delighted to receive the gift of a sack of rice plus some cash that we felt it had been worth the effort. 

In all we delivered two sacks of rice, nine letters and three cards with money enclosed.  It doesn't sound a lot, but it really was a considerable effort!

I have taken a unilateral decision for us to have a day off tomorrow, so our guys can have a well earned rest... and so can I!!

Linda is due to be bringing the children of 'her' Gambian family to play in the hotel pool tomorrow afternoon and we hope another couple of sponsored children will be coming as well, so we won't be bored!

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