26 January 2019


Here we go again....

Time for our February trip - rather confusingly, it is starting in January this year!
Next Tuesday (29th January) Kathy, Andrew and I are due to start what has now become known as the 'workshop trip'.  We will be doing a lot more in addition to the workshops, but it is these that account for the great majority of our luggage - and also planning time before our trip.  Bob will be joining us for the workshop week itself and Carole and Alan will also be with us for part of our stay.
Andrew will probably be taking over blog duties during our stay in The Gambia, but he and Kathy are away this weekend so I am starting off here.

The photo shows 50 of the 110Kg amount of luggage that the three of us will be taking on Tuesday - the other 60Kg will be in our three 'personal' cases!
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