13 February 2019


Bob arrives

Tuesday 12 February

Bob was due to arrive today. We learnt at breakfast that his flight time had been changed, as have all Thomas Cook flights from London. Instead of leaving at 8.20 it was now 11.10 meaning a Gambia arrival of 5.30.

We had already planned our day so now had some extra time.

We set off to Brikama area to make as many payments as we could. We succeeded in making more than 20 payments before dropping in at Gambia College to check on arrangements for the workshops: all seems to be to be going fine.

We then called in at Yundum Barracks School to discuss the library project. They had already produced a proposal, but it was too large and too expensive and they had been asked to scale it down. The head teacher was not in school but on hearing we were there swiftly arrived. They had scale plans for the revised version, but the costings were not yet complete. He said they would be ready by Thursday. War would also like to speak to the librarian who will also be available then so we will return on Thursday.

We had a couple of hours to spare before Bob’s plane arrived and it was not worth returning to the hotel, so we retired to a nearby hotel bar for some drinks. Whilst there we took the opportunity of bringing the paperwork up to dater before going to the airport and picking up Bob.

Today was the hottest so far. Bob was told by the aircraft captain that the outside temperature at the airport was 39C (102F).

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