08 February 2019


Friday 8 February

Friday 8 February 2019

Pippa is now back in the UK. Her son Gavin flew over from London yesterday (Thursday 7) and we met him at the airport and drove him to the hospital where he spent a few hours with Pippa before flying back. She is now back in the UK and in hospital where she has been assessed.

Yesterday morning while Kathy stayed at the hotel to pack Pippa’s belongings, some to go home and some to stay with Linda, and to settle with the hotel. Meanwhile the team, Alan and I went and paid a student’s college fees and visited a few compounds to pay sponsorship there. We returned to the hotel to pick up Kathy and suitcases and went on to the hospital, dropped off cases and Kathy, and went to the airport to meet Gavin and also pick up Carole who had come out on the same flight. Carole and Alan said "Hi" to Pippa and then went back to the hotel while we stayed on for a little while before saying sad farewells. It was good to see Pippa go back with Gavin to get fixed but at the same time sad that she had to leave.

The chemistry and microscopy workshops are still going ahead, so today, Friday; we went out to buy some of the items we need for those workshops. We visited the well-known store of Abolly to buy some chemicals and then to a supermarket to buy stationery. We just have one or two more things to buy which we hope will not be too difficult to find.

As it was Friday we returned to the hotel early so that Wandifa, Abdoulie and Yankuba could go to the Mosque. We spent the afternoon by the pool and this evening we are going to Mama’s restaurant for their excellent fish buffet. The weather today is hot and cloudy and it is forecast to get hotter over the weekend. The pool is very refreshing and we are glad not to be in the rainy UK.

Finally for today, Gardeners' Question Time

Part of this is commonly eaten in the UK. What is it? I will give the answer in a couple of days time

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