30 November 2019


Friday... catching up with a lot of senior students

A really busy day, starting off in Bakau and then doing a round trip to Westfield, down the exceptionally busy road through Serekunda, past the airport and into Yundum Barracks, back along the road to the turntable and ending up full circle at the hotel.

We visited the compounds of twelve students in Further Education of various kinds... and also saw round the very splendid kitchens of the Hotel School, where one of our young men is training to be a chef. He is really enjoying his course and I am not surprised... anyone would love to cook in a kitchen like that. He and his supervisor suggested we should book in for lunch one day, so I will certainly try to do that in February.

I called in at Africmed, the hospital in which I spent a week last February, partly to show them that I am now fit and well and also to give them the legbrace and sling that I used during my recovery. The NHS in UK would not reuse such items but they will be very much appreciated here. I was very touched to find how many of the staff came to greet me... the ability of the Gambians to remember people who they have met only briefly never ceases to amaze me.

Our guys dropped me back to the hotel... then it was a fairly quick change and off to Linda's for a birthday party! 

Mariama, the little daughter of the Gambian family that lives with Linda, was nine today and had asked if I could go to her party... I was very honoured to do so and we had an extremely yummy chicken yassa followed by a vast quantity of cake!

A full day, to say the least.....

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