20 November 2019


Monday...minibus and library

Today started with the welcome news that the 'new' minibus had received the OK from Mbye, Abdoulie's mechanic...so the money has been paid to the vendor, the paperwork re new ownership is being sorted by the police and...it is ours!!! 

Abdoulie is taking charge of it and it will be run solely as a private Pageant vehicle, NOT as a bush taxi.  It will be used for Pageant member trips, workshop trips and any other Pageant-based journeys and we hope that visiting Pageant members will use it and make a contribution in lieu of taxi fare towards its upkeep. Exciting!!!!

Having dealt with all that, some more lights were completed and then we were off for our appointment with the Yundum Barracks engineers to draw up the final (?) plans for the school library there. [More about Yundum Barracks Schools]

We felt the meeting went well...the chief engineer liked Andy's sketched plan and a couple of the other engineers were tasked with  putting it all into a more professional package. We are due to see the outcome on Friday...hopefully it will not have changed too much by then!

While at the school we also discussed the project for which the Worldclass money is to be used.  [More about Worldclass at Bishop's Waltham School] They have decided on starting a garden for the Lower Basic pupils, something that is very dear to the headmaster's heart. He produced an estimate for fencing the 50 meter square plot plus some tools with which to get work started...I contacted Jeannette Mars later that evening and she has approved the estimate. I will be giving the money to a very happy headmaster on Friday.

At the end of the day Abdoulie took our new minibus down to Mbye so that he can give it a full once over, oil change and service..photos will follow soon.

All in all... a very good day.

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