24 November 2019


Saturday...a little shopping and a few more lights

When the team arrived we went through the village lights installation process to decide what we needed in the way of more tools and/or materials for smoothing the way in further installations. Abdoulie, Yankuba and Wandifa are now confident that they can complete both making the lights for which we have brought components and carrying out two or more installation sessions at other villages.

Having made our shopping list I set off with the Gambians, leaving Andy behind in the hotel...he said he wanted to think about yet another idea he had for a variation on the lights!

We duly returned... Andy told our guys the rough outline of his new idea and challenged them to each come up with their own suggestion as to how it should be assembled. After a somewhat stunned silence they got to work... I can't tell you exactly how things progressed as I went away to try to catch up with all the blog posts... but when I returned they had indeed each come up with an idea and were busily wiring them up. All credit to Andy for making them think for themselves...they have really learnt a lot and gained considerably in confidence during his stay here.

They left at about 4pm... Abdoulie was keen to collect our new minibus from the mechanic and to check out a couple of things for himself.

Supper at Samba's Kitchen completed a rather more leasurely day than usual... very nice it was too.

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