01 December 2019


Saturday...a lot more students

The visit to Wandifa's compound was a great success... in all I saw 14 sponsored students there... some coming for their pencil cases, some for fees, some just to have their photos taken.  Lovely to see so many and to be able to chat to each one in turn about what is next on their horizons. A bit of a cheat really, as it meant I was not seeing them at their own homes or schools, but at this stage of a visit it was a very good idea.

There were also two students there who were requesting sponsorship.. reports were produced and photographed as were the children themselves.

Our last task there was to give out several very nice school bags to UNsponsored children... these were part of a very generous donation by the Welcome Club of Southwater, to whom I had recently given a talk.

bags for unsponsored children

We then went to visit a few compounds in the area just south of the airport and caught up with several more students.

Then back to the hotel at the amazingly early time of 2pm... I actually managed a swim (my first of this visit - and my first since my accident in January) and a couple of hours by the pool.

A very welcome hairwash followed by dinner at Luigi's with Linda completed a most productive and enjoyable day.

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