11 February 2020


Days 5 and 6 Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th

Days 4 & 5


This morning we continued distributing the letter forms. As it was Saturday the schools were closed so we were visiting compounds only. We wound our way and finally came to Fak’s compound. Faks was at his school (Humanity Nursery). We had, as ever with Faks, a good chat and then to our surprise we were invited to stay for lunch. His wife had prepared a delicious beef domada. Tender pieces of beef in a slightly spicy peanut sauce served with delightfully fluffy rice.

The first power hut that PAGEANT built is on Fak’s compound. Kathy and I were able see if for the first time and Faks explained the workings of it.

We then briefly called in at the Njie compound to see if they could give us a grapefruit for the microscopy workshop. They happily obliged. We wanted a grapefruit, because last year we had noticed some blemishes on its skin. Kathy had though they were just something like rust spots, but when she looked more closely down a microscope she discovered, to her surprise that they were caused by tiny burrowing insects. Perfect for the students to look at.

The blemishes on the skin contain burrowing insects or mites that can only be seen properly under a microscope

After that we returned to the hotel for a quiet evening.


During our visits we always try to put a day aside to visit our friends and this year was no exception. We started our day at Langtombong’s compound He is one of Kathy’s and my sponsored students. He is now in Grade 11, so next year will be his last year at school, so inevitably the discussion turned to what he would like to do after that. He said he is good with his hands and would like to do an engineering course.

On then to Wandifa’s compound. As usual a large number of children materialised and we had splendid discussions with them and of course with his lovely wife, Mariama. There are many sponsored children there including Mo Lamin and Ebrima, two of Wandifa’s children and also Ousman, Wandifa’s nephew and one of Kathy and my sponsees. Ousman has finished his secondary schooling and is now in his second year of a course in journalism. He and I had a very spirited philosophical discussion about freedom of the press!
After that to Abdoulie’s compound where again we met his charming wife Aminata, and his children. We have sponsored Abdoulie’s eldest son, Mustafa who has grown so much in the last year. We were provided with delicious oranges freshly picked from his tree, so much more flavour than British supermarket oranges (although a lot more pips). One of the things that often surprises people in The Gambia is that the skin of ripe oranges there is often green. As they are quite small, they are often confused with limes. One taste dispels that.

Then to Yankuba’s residence. Yankuba married Fatou in 2018. Fatou was our first sponsored student and indeed one of the first ever PAGEANT students. Last year they had their first child, Muhammed who is now 11 months old and on the cusp of walking: truly delightful. Once again we were lucky to enough be offered lunch. This was a fish benachin. Rice and vegetable with red snapper fish. After that I sampled some of Fatou’s homemade ebbe. Ebbe is a one of the foods children at school eat for lunch You will often see street vendors sitting at schools selling ebbe. They can buy a small bag of ebbe ladled from a tureen for as little as 5 dalasi (about 8p). Ebbe is a stew spicy stem made from cassava and smoked fish. It is served with hot chilli sauce and tamarind. I enjoyed this.

Our final visit was to Ebrima’s new residence. Again, Ebrima was one of the first PAGEANT students. Initially he was sponsored by my father, but when he died, my sister and I took over the sponsorship. Ebrima is now a delightful enterprising man. He works as an electrician and also runs a barber’s shop. Along with this he is a keen gardener and artist. Last November he got married and we were able to meet his wife for the first time.

Back then to the hotel. Linda joined us for pizza and pasta at Luigi’s.

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