17 February 2020


Days 9 and 10. Thursday 13 and Friday 14 February

These two days were relatively quiet. We needed this after our long day upcountry.

PAGEANT has two sets of very accurate weighing scales and we wanted those for the forthcoming workshops. We knew they had been left in The Gambia after the last workshops but couldn’t find them anywhere. On Thursday Abdoulie remembered that he had taken a bag or box of stuff to Linda’s compound for storage and we wondered if they were there. No luck. Then to Wandifa’s as he some stuff in storage: again no luck. We couldn’t think where else to look.

We had contacted Musa Ceesay, a teacher we knew. Joe was arriving the following day and wanted to meet Musa and possibly arrange for Joe to do a short physics workshop at his school on the following Monday. Unfortunately, Musa’s school was on its half term break so that would not be on. We did however meet with Musa for a catch-up chat. He had been on a PAGEANT physics workshop 8 years ago, and whilst he was not available for the Saturday workshop, he would love to come on Sunday.
Joe arrived in the early hours of Friday morning. 

We had a late breakfast to enable him to get a bit of sleep. Like us he had had a good journey via Lisbon but was suffering from a stinking cold.

We spent the morning getting the kit for the workshops together and set off in the early afternoon for Gambia College in Brikama. On arrival we quickly unpacked. The labs were clean and tidy, and we soon completed sorting everything out so we could get going quickly in the morning. There was an added bonus. We had left the missing scales in the care of James, the lab technician and apart from one set needing new batteries they were in fine working order. Thank goodness for that.

All done, we returned to the hotel and after a short rest walked down the road for steak and chips at Sambas Kitchen. Joe described it as the best steak he had had in ages.

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