25 February 2020


Friday 21st February - Some Admin

[Pippa now takes over with posts for our blog. She will be sending text and photos to Dave who will do the actual posting. Photos for her first posts will follow later.]

Kathy and Andrew having departed in the early hours of the morning, we had a rather later than usual start to let the Gambian guys recover from their midnight trip to the airport to see them off.

We then sat in the very pleasant bantaba (meeting place) at the hotel and did some much needed admin. Catching up with all the payments, letter forms given out and returned, photos taken...and then listing those still to do took quite a while, so once we were satisfied that we were up to date we called it a day.

Friday prayers for the Gambians and an afternoon by the pool for me completed an unusually restful day...and very welcome it was, too!

posted by Dave for Pippa

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