07 November 2018


Day 1 – Admin & Yundum Barracks

This morning was largely spent doing the admin at the hotel.... checking reports, seeing who had not given theirs in, seeing what payments had been made and so on.  Our Gambian guys have done a wonderful job, my list shows far more payments than spaces!!! 

We then went off for a quick visit to the supermarket (at Westfield, for our Gambia-aware readers).  We stocked up on water, a few stationery items, biscuits and soft drinks for some and a large pair of scissors - my nail scissors are not up to the task of removing our packing cling film!  I suggested to our guys that they should each choose something for themselves... Wandifa and Abdoulie both chose milk powder, because fresh milk will not keep well in their climate, and Yankuba chose cornflakes.

Then, off to Yundum Barracks schools to deliver the Worldclass letters...very well received and the replies are promised to be done in time for me to bring them back to UK.  

Pippa delivering 'Worldclass' letters

The headmaster also showed us the tables and chairs from our summer shipment, well in use by large numbers of children. 

Children at Yundum Barracks School

He was also excited to show us an initiative from the Education Ministry.... the foundations have been dug and materials have arrived for a new two storey classroom block, to be completed in time for next September.

Foundations for new classroom block

We have found this sort of thing happening before...we start to help a school and then the Ministry seems to see this improvement and comes along with further assistance... wonderful!!

Back to the hotel...dinner at Samba's Kitchen this evening....


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