05 November 2018


Visit to The Gambia - November 2018

Pageant's regular November visit to the The Gambia is about to start. This year Pippa will be accompanied by David & Regina for the first two weeks and  Carole will there almost as long. Andrew is unwell, so he and Kathy will be missing out this time. As usual, the Pageant team will be joined by our invaluable agents Wandifa, Yankuba and Abdoulie.
Pipppa's extra luggage - full of charity stuff
Pippa hopes to get upcountry and to the North Bank – she will decide on the schedule when she gets there. The first day will be spent going through all the school reports that have been handed in from last year and making out a rough itinerary for visiting schools and sponsored students.  There are several school projects to see and others to start. The team will also be buying and distributing ethical gifts, as well as a host of other 'little' tasks. Pippa will also have initial talks about the Practical Science Workshops to be held in February 2019.
Most people won't know that posting to a blog like this involves online editing. This can take some time, particularly if there are photos which need to be positioned in a neat arrangement with the text. Internet access in The Gambia can be intermittent, and if the connection fails while composing a post, lots of the hard work may get lost. The solution is for Pippa to compose the text as an email message off-line, attach any photos, and then hit 'send' when the internet is available. I will then turn this message into a blog post here, where things are more reliable.
We hope you enjoy following events during this visit.

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